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Our children are in crisis. Too many of our children continue to face health and wellbeing challenges. Unhappy unhealthy children don’t learn effectively. If children don’t learn they don’t achieve their potential in life and we don’t have a society fit for the future.

  • 2.2 million children are active for less than 30 minutes a day (Sport England 2022)
  • Only 47% of all children and young people in the UK are meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity (Sport England, 2022)

Sport and play have the power to improve physical and mental health, foster inclusion and develop character and leadership skills. Not only is physical activity, PE, play and sport vital for the future health of our nation, it’s also a critical tool to improve mental, social and emotional wellbeing and academic attainment. When children play, they are happy and feel a sense of belonging. When children are physically active, they are healthy and achieve.

    During the 2021/22 academic year we have given:
    • 237,981 young people the opportunity to enjoy the life-changing benefits of sport and play through our programmes
    • 86,897 young people training to become young leaders to their peers
    • 13,203 teachers, coaches and practitioners training to lead good quality inclusive sport and Physical Education.
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